Proto [Primordial] Culture

An ancient myth has captured the interest of explorers and researchers: “There is an original, proto, primordial culture, source of all cultures and civilizations of the known history, of their knowledge and technology”.

According to the studies developed by the researcher Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, this myth, turned into hypothesis and theory, could be eventually verified in the following years.

If the proto culture or primordial (original) culture exists still or existed, it has influenced the development of ancient and modern cultures and civilizations, their knowledge and technology, through ways not predicted and not known.

This website offers a guide and review of articles and research projects by the researcher on the Proto [Primordial] Culture.

For multidisciplinary researchers with focus on global sustainable development and the process of emerging of a global civilization, the urls, references and publications shared by this website will be of great use, to expand their perception on where we come from and where do we go from here and now.